Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Which Network Do You Watch: GMA 7 or ABS-CBN? Are You a Kapuso or Kapamilya?

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GMA 7 and ABS-CBN are, without any shadow of doubt, the two existing giant networks in the country. Although there are other TV networks in the corner, these two are the main protagonists in the field. They have been competing for the biggest audience share. They have been warring over high ratings because higher ratings would mean higher slice in the advertising market.
With the battle for supremacy over the boob tube getting stronger everyday, better shows are being offered to the viewing public. Both networks would always want to outdo each other in their morning, noontime, afternoon and prime time shows. Dominating the market leadership were their main objective.
GMA 7 have been dominating the noon time show since Eat Bulaga's transfer from Channel 2. A number of Kapamilya shows have been conceptualized but failed to held down Eat Bulaga. Until Wowowee was weaved. It has been inching closer to the number 1 spot at noon time. And there were even surveys that showed it has now reached the number one slot at noon time.
The competition is not only confined with the warring network's shows but with their respective contract stars as well. The unexpected transfer of Angel Locsin to ABS-CBN has been the talk of the town when the pretty, sweet-faced Angel decided to turn over her cheek to her mother network. She started out and became a big star in her own right with the Kapuso Channel but when Kapamilya laid down a very lucrative offer, she just found it hard to resist. Utang na loob was forgotten and life moved on with ABS-CBN with a "trabaho-lang, walang-personalan" attitude.
With the advent of soap operas, the biggest names in showbiz were lured to do teleseryes or telesines. Latin novelas, chinovelas, Korean novelas, and the like were also showed on prime time. Who could ever forget Meteor Garden? It was one of those ABS-CBN victories. But GMA 7 had its share of its own victory, too. Maalaala Mo Kaya has been the network's long-running drama series. When Magpakailanman of the Kapuso network dramatized real stories of famous celebrities, this created interest from the viewing public. GMA 7 inched closer and closer until such time Maalaala Mo Kaya featured the stories of famous celebrities as well and even moved the airing of MMK from Thursday to Friday.
With the Kapuso and the Kapamilya networks' competition still going on to the hilt, who do you think is winning?

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