Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Hair Problems

I made a post prior to this one raving and ranting about my hair problems. It gets really dry and frizzy and I could no longer contain my annoyance and desperation. I have already switched to different brand of shampoos from time to time but to no avail. It has made my hair even weaker and it is not the kind of hair that I used to have from way back. You can just imagine how frustrating it could get! Not to mention the hundreds of hair that fell off me everyday. From what I know, a hundred strands of falling hair is normal, (you may correct me if I'm wrong). Beyond a hundred, something must be wrong. And I just know mine is not normal. A few main reasons why one gets falling hair is stress and if one is undergoing medication. I am not into the latter. I admit I experience blog stress (I borrowed the term from Mr. Simbulan, haha!) at times but even before I knew what blogging is, I am already experiencing falling hair.
As I am writing this, the "what-ifs" and the "if onlys" keep lurking at the back of my head. If only I got contented with the long, straight hair that God has given me. What if I didn't had it permed for two consecutive times? Would my hair have the same luster and strength the way it used to many years back?
But the vivid fact is staring me in the face. It is all over and done with. I can not change the past and I will have to suffer for all the consequences of my acts. But being the determined person that I am, I couldn't just let that be. I need to find a solution. And a quick remedy it must be!
Since I have already found the shampoo I need, I tried real hard to look for the best Deep Treatment Conditioner available to go along with it. Since I've found the shampoo at Mybumbleandbumble.com, I deemed it best to search the conditioner I need from there as well. My determination paid off because this conditioner will give back the life of my hair which has undergone treatment in the past. I am positive that my overworked, damaged and dry hair will now become a history with my new conditioner.

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