Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Journey To Forever is No. 2 in Romance Category at Entrecard

When I got home from work this afternoon and logged in to my Entrecard account, I got surprised big time when I saw my blog's widget displayed at the front page of Entrecard's Romance category. I have never ever thought I would land that spot in such short a time. But I just know when I wake up tomorrow, I shall be dislodged by other blogs which are also deserving to be there so I immediately took a screen shot and blogged it for documentary purposes, haha!
Though dropping cards took the most of my time, it has been all worth it. If you want your number of visits go skyrocketing for a day and you want enough exposure by getting your blog featured in other blogs, Entrecard is one free way to achieve it all.
But aside from the traffic aspect of it, I have learned so many things while dropping e-cards. Yes! I drop and read. I don't run. I have encountered numerous blogs which have interesting, relevant, informative and quality contents. I am a self-confessed SEO virgin (hehe!) and this aspect in blogging has stirred so much interest in me, to the maximum level (thank you, Joliber!). I wanna learn more about it and hopefully benefit from it as well in the future.

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