Saturday, August 9, 2008

19 Months & Counting!

Today is another red-letter day for me and my Prince. Time flew so fast I haven't realized it has been a year and seven months since I've consented to be a girlfriend to the best Mahal in the whole wide world. I have always been a contented lass and why not? My Prince have always made me happy. There wasn't a day he didn't let me feel so special, the sexiest and the most beautiful creature that ever walked on this planet earth, hahaha! I am hoping though he is speaking without bias each time, hehehe!
There were times I get so down for missing him so terribly, but he never fails to brighten up my day. Every month I have this premenstrual syndrome wherein I always feel like crying for obviously no reason at all. He would always tell me not to cry coz "Scotty loves you"! I feel so lucky and blessed for having a faithful and God-fearing Mahal. Many times I would tell him I am so grateful he chose me over so many beautiful girls but would always reply: "God chose me for Lainy!"
My heart is at peace and we both are praying that one day, we will be together and we won't be spending much of our time online. I know in God's time, everything will fall right into place.

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