Sunday, August 10, 2008

Halloween Costume Preparation

Halloween is still two months away. But it wouldn't be too bad if we talk about it now, right? Hehe! Well, I haven't been to any Halloween parties ever but I am quite amused everytime I get to watch movies and shows with Halloween themes. It is a little bit scary at times especially when I see the attendees to the party sporting different kinds of Halloween Costumes. Some movies I have seen looked very festive and seemed like everyone were having fun. The costumes were all eye catching! I was kind of interested to observe a real Halloween party here in our place come October.
Last year, a Halloween costume contest was organized by one of the leading institutions here in the city. It was much publicized and I got to hear about it frequently over the radio and local television shows. And why not? The prize at stake is huge enough. I think they will be hosting another contest this year. Majority of the participants last year were children and they all flocked in the main streets here. Mind you, the roads were closed and it was a real Halloween costume street party!
If another contest of this kind shall take place again this year, I am going to suggest to my friends who shall be joining to prepare their halloween costumes as early as now. My sexy friends may want to choose sexy and adult costumes. It would be good to see them flaunting their beautiful bodies in this kind of contest, hehe! There are also various selections of costumes for kids and for toddlers as well. Sounds exciting! I am sure my friends will be all set before the Halloween party when costumes are prepared well ahead of time. I can't wait for October to come! It will be my birthday month and I am sure it will be a month full of pure fun and enjoyment!

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