Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reunited With My "Bestfriend"

I was out last night to attend the birthday bash of the one-year old baby of my "bestfriend". I want to emphasize here that she has never kept in touch with me for a long time. I was a little surprised when I received her SMS the night before that she will be expecting me on her baby's birthday party. Of course, I wouldn't want to fail her. And besides, if this was her way of reaching out to me, who am I to refuse?

Am I still making sense? Forgive me but this is a sensitive issue that always leave deep marks in the core of my being. The saga of our friendship has deep roots and I can not just let it loose. We have been the best of friends since we were twelve years old, we have been called inseparable pair since high school till college, and even graduated with the same degree! We know each other from the tip of our nails to the tip of our hairs! That's what I thought! She always has that soft spot in my heart and it's just hard to let her go to someone she love. Why can't she have him and all at the same time remain friends with me and the rest of our friends? Oh well, we are friends for sure but we just ceased to be the best of friends. I got hurt. She means a lot to me. But then it's her choice to stay away from me and remained distant. We have lost touch for years and it's not my choice.

My boyfriend used to tell me to stop caring for her. But I just can't. I hope one day she will realize I have been here all along waiting for her to open up again. After all, long years of friendship couldn't just be easily forgotten and buried. I hope this will be another beginning of more good things to come for the two of us.
Note:If you are interested to know more about what happened between us, you can click the link below.

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