Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Clothes for Shantel

When I attended the birthday party of my bestfriend's baby on Saturday, I was thinking of what could be the best gift I could give Baby Shantel (her baby's name). She is a one-year old, cute little girl and she got her eyes from her "Papa" and her nose from her "Mama". What a cute little baby!
I was hoping I could go out early of Saturday because I have been planning to go back to the gym (haven't gone there for years!), and planned of going to the mall as well to purchase
baby clothes for Baby Shantel as my birthday gift. The sad thing was, I went online early in the morning and got hooked downloading the latest version of Firefox (Firefox 3). To my dismay, it hasn't been working that well and I had difficulty getting used to it. I had to uninstall it and reinstall again the previous FF version that I had. I did it for more than half a day! I practically got no time to go out because it's been raining hard that day, too. I asked apologies to my bestfriend for having not brought any gift for her baby and told her I will make it up even if it's not her birthday.

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