Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SMORTY: Missing in Action?

I did my first assignment with Smorty way back in January of this year. There hasn't been that much. They gave me only five (5) tasks since my membership with them with a total earning of $39. My last job with them was done in April. It has been four months and I have never heard from them again, do you? If you do, well you're lucky!
Where have Smorty gone? Is it still existing? It's a pity Smorty isn't that active in giving me opportunities. I love their mode of payment wherein you will reap the fruit of your efforts in less than a month, two weeks I think, if I remember it right. Smorty come back now! I would love to do reviews for you again.
I wonder if Smorty is still giving ooops for everyone except me. When I checked on their site, they still feature their TOP EARNERS who earned as much as $3, 000. I wish I could be as lucky as them.

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