Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Featured BFF: Uncle Che of AZ Blogging

When I checked on my Entrecard inbox early this morning, I've noticed I have some unread messages. It was sent a few days ago and I was able to read it only today. One message came from one very special friend, Uncle Che. If I may just quote:
"Hi Lainy, I was sending a thank you message to all my advertisers and adding them to my favorites. When I reached you, I thought "Does this one too deserve a thank you message?" "No" was my answer. Why? Because you are too special. The day I get to know your prince, I will personally tell him "Sir, you are a lucky man" :)"
That is just so sweet, Uncle Che! I was a little tongue-tied after reading your message. I was still half-asleep that time, hehe!
It has only been a month or so since I came across one post of Uncle Che and right then and there, I've posted my first ever comment for his blog. I've noticed he replies to all his commenters so I visited him again to check If I've got a reply from the comment I'd just posted, and true enough, there was a reply. That's when I started going back to his site to check for updates. It's like an addiction for me to always read his posts and express my thoughts on certain things. His comment section is a venue for me to gain a new friend in Uncle Che. If you have been to his site, you will know what I mean.
I always feel at home whenever I get to read his posts. One could easily tell that the blog owner is genuine. Uncle Che writes from his heart and that has captured my attention from day one. Not only does he give informative posts but he does it so well and they are thoroughly laid down. His coherence and erudition for writing will even make a crawling baby understand what he is talking about.
More often than not, blogs with beautiful and relevant entries would inspire us to keep coming back. In Uncle Che's case, not only do I come back because I long for more significant and meaningful entries but because of the author himself. His genuine interest in people would always make you feel at home. He is someone special. He is intelligent, warm and kind, and I so admire the way he express his love for his fiancee, Baby Noela. His wisdom and passion for things he so love can never be underrated!
Just when I checked out his site today for updates, I got the shock of my life again! He placed my widget just along side Noela's widget as one of the HOTZONES. I'm too overwhelmed to be recognized like that. BTW, this post didn't came through because I want to return the gesture. I have thought of doing this for Uncle Che a few days ago but I've only managed to make one today. Uncle Che deserves more than this but it's the only thing I could do for him, to feature him as one of my Blogging Friends Forever (BFF).
Thanks Uncle Che for being so nice and helpful to me. I haven't forgotten your gesture of reaching out in helping me resolve the Kuerdas domain. For as long as you're around, blogging will never be a bore!

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