Saturday, January 10, 2009

One of the Reasons Why Husbands Cheat

I was watching a noon time show today when I went home for lunch. I don't usually make myself glued infront of the boobtube but today, the participants of the game the show had for their audience was a little exciting. They had those couples who were celebrating their silver wedding anniversaries!
Twenty-five years is a very long time! The thing that struck me the most while watching was that all husbands had a history of cheating their wives. They had their own mistresses but the wives stretched their patience, forgiveness was given to their husbands and so their family were still intact up until now. 
I truly commend these wives for being able to hurdle the pains of what their marriages had brought them. If I were on their shoe, I wouldn't have been able to face it all. But of course, having my Prince for a partner, I am sure we won't be in for such kind of trouble. 
This made me recall one sermon from church which had been delivered for the purpose of keeping marriages intact. I just can not quote the exact verse from the Bible but women have their own obligations too to their own husbands. Having a family, bearing a child, keeping our own homes peaceful, and all that are some of the woman's obligations.
But one thing that women seemed to forget and have given very minimal attention was  to keep themselves tidy and beautiful after years of marriage. I can see lots of women who doesn't even bother to comb their hair because they reasoned out that they are just too busy with the household chores and tending to their children's needs and their husbands' as well. But, it is a very important aspect for women to be ALWAYS pleasing in the eyes of their husbands. Some have even ballooned to obesity but to keep yourself beautiful and sexy, it wouldn't hurt to try  weight loss pills, that is, just to make sure your husband's eyes are glued on you and not somewhere else. 

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