Thursday, January 8, 2009

Two Years and Still Counting

Today is another long day. I've attended another friend's wedding yet again. And I went to church thereafter for the Thursday worship service. Though I am too tired to update this blog, I can't help but pour my heart's out. Thirty minutes from now, my Sayang and I shall have another milestone in our lives. Hurdling two years of long distance love is absolutely a feat. It's never easy to be in this kind of relationship. But there was never a point in the two years that we ever doubted the relationship that we have now. We are stronger more than ever!
I was boyfriendless for more than two years. I have been praying for a boyfriend that could be husband material and it's important to me that he must have the same faith as I am. Though most people find it immaterial, to me and in the religion that I belong, it matters a LOT! I was never a chatter. Though most of my friends keep me company at Yahoo Messenger, I don't go to chat rooms just to go looking for a man. To make the long story short, God did the job for me.
Sometime in December of 2006, someone viewed me at Friendster. At the time, my primary photo was that of a friend who just got married and she was on her wedding gown. My Sayang thought it was me and I was married and he saw I have so many friends in my list. So he left without sending me any message. When I checked my account the next day, I've seen that someone viewed me who's affiliation is the same as I am. I got curious. I wanted to confirm if it's true that he's a churchmate so I sent him a message if what's reflected in his profile is accurate. He was able to satisfy my curiousity when he promptly replied and said "Yes, we come from the same faith, Sis!". Everything started from there... He once told me that "God called us here today and it's never a coincidence... " We then both gave each other a chance.. a chance to get to know each other better... a chance to show how much we care for and love each other...
It was a wonderful beginning of the New Year in 2007 when we agreed to commit ourselves in this relationship. My life has been blessed with so much when my Sayang came into my life. I feel grateful to the Father when My Sayang allowed me to feel the warmth of his love across the great distance that separates us. For two years that we have been together, our love for each other never wavered nor faltered at all. I thank my Sayang for being always there for me, for putting up with all my flaws and imperfections, for taking me through the hardest times. Despite the time that distance brings, or life's little quirks and all other things, I know we have nothing to fear, because we have a Living God who has always been there since Day 1 and He will continue to watch our backs as long as we both entrust everything to Him. I thank God for giving me My Prince Scotty and as the days continue to pass, our love for each other continues to grow. I never thought I had the capacity to love anybody as much as I love my Prince right now. Yet, my love for him continues to mature, growing beyond the realm of my heart. I know our time will come soon and I have always looked forward to spending our lives together... forever!

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