Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thank You, My Prince Scotty!

After impatiently waiting for the anniversary gifts from my Prince, I finally had it this afternoon. Though I was expecting it, I can't help but still be overjoyed. I have gone to the Philippine Post Office twice prior to receiving the package. Everytime My Prince would ask me if there was something for me in the mail, I would always try to inquire if there was a parcel sent for me. But unfortunately, there was nothing. He told me that it might be stolen and I just have to forget about it. I got even more alarmed when my friend Twerlyn of Twerlermz Blog informed me that her Sis wasn't able to receive the package sent her way from the U.S. before. My Prince told me to just pray. If it comes, good, if not, it's still OK. I told him I just wanted to get hold of the card if there was any. He refused to disclose the contents of the parcel. He just told me to wait and see ;-) .
Indeed, our prayers were heard. I got all the gifts today, all intact. The first thing I opened was the card- as usual :
" At times like these, I'd like to be here with you, to give you a hug, or a word of encouragement..."
My Prince Scotty said:
To My Princess Lainy,
Happy 2-year anniversary and many more years to come! Looking forward to seeing you and your family later in 2009 and thank you for everything and for being the best Mahal that any man could ask for. May this year God grant our wishes and we can finally meet each other and remember, I'm here if you need me.
Your Prince Scotty
What made this card very special is that My Mahal doesn't like writing much. He only writes for me and I can feel he writes from his heart... What more can I ask for?

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