Monday, February 23, 2009

New Acquisition at Home

When we got the new TV stand here at home, my brother had worried so much where he would place some of the musical gadgets that are of no use. The new TV stand have saved up a lot of space in our living room. It looked too spacious and elegant!
With the summer way ahead of us, I can imgine myself staying longer hours at home doing the usual normal tasks everyday. Most of my time are spent at work and home just talking with my Prince and blogging. I do not have much time loitering around or going to the mall. I know my life is quite boring but I so much love it as it is! 

Going back to the new acquition that we have, my brother had decided to place all the unnecessary items in his room where we made it as stock room. poor little bro! We were looking for the  safety equipment earlier to keep ourselves protected from clearing the area. Wheew! What a mess in here! I wish I have more time to fix everything. We will continue agian next weekend ;-) 
Ciao everyone! 

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