Thursday, February 5, 2009

Saving Up Enough Moolah

Our home sweet home is located in a low-cost subdivision wherein the space is too limited. We couldn't move enough but still, we are lucky we have roofs over our head. When we tranferred in this subdivision ten years ago, it was all bare! A box with no divisions. My father was all fired up in making things work for our new home to make it look like really a home, hehe.I was already working then and I helped in the renovations. But my father saw to it that we are all protected.
He made sure that a steel gate was installed just a few weeks after we moved in. It was some years ago so I really have no idea if pvc fence installation is already available at the time. It was in the 1990's.
I always love to see the reap of my effort. Whatever money I could save from my monthly salary goes to the renovation expenses of our house every year. From the purchase of materials and labor cost, I see to it that I have enough budget. I am glad the changes are now very evident. From a bare home to a newly painted wall and ceiling, the newly tiled flooring, and the putting up of built-in cabinets in the rooms are some of the major projects I had in our own home, that is, apart from the home appliances I had asquired.
Well, I would so love to make a few more renovations in the future. But I need to save up enough moolah to make things happen. 

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