Monday, February 2, 2009

Your Blog is Fabulous!

I wanted to brag that this blog, Our Journey to Forever, has been the recipient of a lovely award. Well, I hope the person who awarded me this isn't too biased in choosing my blog. I hope I didn't came to mind just because we're blood-related, haha! Nevertheless, biased or not, this award is highy appreciated.

Thanks for thinking of me my pretty and witty cousin Ally of I'm Walking on Sunshine!

Here are the rules:

  • Post 5 of your addictions.
  • Pass it on to 5 bloggers that you think has fabulous blogs and link back to the one who passed this award to you.

Here are my 5 addictions:

  1. My Prince Scotty- I can not get enough of my Mahal. If you have been frequenting this blog, you must have known by now ;-)
  2. Entrecard-dropping- I do drop the maximum of 300 cards per blog daily without fail. Now you understand how frustrating it is when EntreCard is down for database maintenance without due notice.
  3. Ebaying- Last week, I was able to purchase 7 different kinds of lovely dresses.
  4. Blogging- I can feel the frustration even more when this addiction of mine isn't satisfied. My own ISP gave me a hard time since yesterday. I can not even browse my own site nor publish a single post! Grrrrr! Good thing everything is back to normal now ;-)
  5. Blogging- Did I say blogging yet again? ;-)

Now for my own list of recipients of this beautiful award:

  1. Mystique of Mystique Moments
  2. Twerlyn of Twerlermz Blog

You simply rock, fellas!

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