Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two TVs

I had our old TV repaired in December. If only we have a bigger space at our rooms, I prefer to have it there and will just have a TV wall mount so as to make viewing easier while lying down and relaxing. The problem is that we don't have so much space. So we decided to have it placed in the kitchen. I still prefer to watch TV shows in the living room because the television is much bigger. It's 29 inches and is courtesy of my Prince. When the old, 21 'in tv wasn't functioning while the basketball games I was watching was at its  peak, my Prince offered to buy me a new one. I refused but he insisted. We haven't had the old TV fixed at the time.
Now that we have the luxury of watching tv both in the kitchen and in the living room, my mother is now familiar with some recent celebrities. She loves to watch TV while doing household chores and not being uinterrupted at all. At least she is now updated with the latest news, may it be current events or showbiz news, hehe!

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