Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Am Breaking My Silence... Looking Back and Beyond!

Finally, my deafening and long silence is over! I have been in dormant state since Friday. I am in no mood or let's say, I was too tired to even open my blogs! It has been a pretty busy week for me. We already had began reporting for work on Saturdays and holidays , as per Resolution 8585 which was promulgated to encourage the Filipino working citizenry as well as the students to register themselves at the field offices of the Commission on Elections. The registration is in preparation for the Presidential election come May 10, 2010. Apart from reporting for work on a 8-5 basis everyday, I have to beat some deadlines online. You know what I mean ;-)
I have been practically lazing around the entire week. It seems like I need to drag my hands and force my brain, dictate it to type something or think of some words just so I could update my blogs. It may sound pathetic but yes, it was how it's been like for this week.
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go on field. I must admit, daily office work is boring and had appeared to be monotonous. Yesterday was something different for me. We went to a far-flung barangay dominated by Muslims. We were invited to give out the voter's identification cards to the residents. This is in line with the barangay's celebration of their foundation anniversary. I was tasked to lead the team. Going on field is the thing that I have missed the most since I shifted from private employment to government service.
In my previous employment, we go on field three times a week. We go up to the hinterlands and provide Parenting Sessions to the unfortunate and less privileged sectors of our society- specifically the Indigenous Peoples (IPs)* in Region XII, Mindanao. I had my own share of reminiscing moments and yesterday was some kind of deja vu and I realized how much I missed the good old days! The days when I was still part of touching people's lives in the mountains; up in the communities where the IP's struggle for survival were very evident.
For almost six years, my work with the poorest of the poor in the far- flung areas in Mindanao had taught me to appreciate the little things in life. I’ve realized that I still am a very lucky individual: I have a roof over my head; got a chance to eat even more than thrice a day excluding in between meals; trendy clothings; and the other needs of a person for survival and development. Many of us are healthier, better housed, fed and educated but the gap between us who are more on the advantaged aspect of life and the people we served in the hinterlands continues to grow. Fewer resources seem to be available for the latter- and less concern. The IPs are struggling for survival with barely nothing to eat; most of them are illiterates. They take pride in the simple joys of life; they were simply contented of what they have.
To be a part of such philanthropic project is a very challenging and fulfilling task. With the IPs poverty, inculcating in them the value of education is not an easy responsibility. They need to break the transmission of poverty from one generation to another. And this can only be attained through the acquisition of the highest education possible. This is also to make the parents understand that the purpose of proper education is to combat the widespread belief that economically disadvantaged IP parents are not capable of providing the high quality of care, attention and learning experiences appropriate for their young children.
Having understood their ways of life, I had learned to value my family. I am also looking forward to having a family of my own. Raising your own kids the proper way is such a difficult but a stimulating task! Despite pressures and difficulties, the job can be overwhelmingly satisfying and amazingly productive, because the result of really competent mothering will be passed from generation to generation.
In government service, it's hard to really say if the efficient and effective delivery of services are attained. Being exposed by theory to public service, I was disappointed. The basic services that the constituents are due to receive haven’t been delivered well because of some corrupt public officials who have been squeezed into the decaying system of the government.
I want to be a catalyst for change someday. I don't want to be squeezed into the government's decaying system. Does it seem to be just a dream in the backwoods? Well, I am still hopeful that in the upcoming 2010 elections, change and progress is still possible for all of us.
* Indigenous People or IP's can be used to describe any ethnic group of people who inhabit a geigraphic region with which they have the earliest known historical connection... (Wikipedia, The First Encyclopedia) The Special Program I worked for and with the IP's especially catered the B'laans, Maguinaoans, Tausug, Maranao, Samal, and Tiboli.

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