Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2009 Annual Sports Fest of the Commission on Elections

Two months from now, the Commission on Elections shall be again holding its Annual Mindanao Sports Festival. In 2008, the event was hosted by Region XII. This year, the CARRAGA Region will be taking charge of the said event. The occasion shall be taking place at Prosperidad, Agusan Del Sur come May 8-9. Since most of the contingents will be coming from afar, like us here in Region XII, there is a need for us to travel way ahead of the scheduled opening tip. We will be leaving GenSan on May 7. I have no idea how far the place is. I just hope some great and awesome travel deals  are in store for us. It is going to be the first time that yours truly is having a long and far travel by land. 

In every event, the billeting system is very important. I wonder where are we going to stay for the entire duration of the event. I just hope I will find the place comfortable. I hate long travels. Since I do not have a laptop, I am hating it all the more because that prevents me from getting online, grrrrr! I will find my very best to find a way and still get connected with the blogosphere even if I am out of town. 

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