Monday, March 16, 2009

Way To Go, Slogbite!

Being into a very demanding situation where I have the need to beat the deadline for the publication of the Contest Mechanics of the Lainy's Hottest Blogoversary Writing Competition: A Bloggers Celebration! I was thinking after finishing the huge task, I will be down to my feet, feeling ill. I haven't gotten enough sleep, haven't had a good and decent meal for the last couple of days not only because I was preoccupied with the contest stuffs but more because of excitement! I was up to my feet and feeling all jovial after all the pressure the past week has brought me. And to see all the beautiful people who have helped me propagate about the contest and who have talked so highly of me in their blogs, I can't help but feel so much elated. I can't thank them enough! I feel seven feet tall at this instant and not five feet, haha!
After the contest post was published yesterday, I tried to get the help of Slogbite to which I have been a member a few months back. In case you still haven't heard of Slogbite, it's high time you know it's a site that promotes your own blog to the blogosphere. Slogbite will be officially launched come April. Being a site that promotes blogs of different categories, I didn't think twice in asking Mel, the Slogbite administrator, on how he could help me promote the blogoversary competition at Lainy's Musings. He was very warm and accommodating, gave me a few instructions and I followed each of them carefully.
True enough, maximizing my resources and tapping the right and key persons have paid off! This morning, I saw the competition banner right at the header of Slogbite! And the contest post is being featured as one of the BEST of Slogbite member articles! Was I just dreaming? I even tried to pinch myself but no, I wasnt. What's great with SB is that they are providing great motivations to their members for a more solid and healthy interaction. Mel even added the Slogbite Member Announcements Feature which is meant to promote blogs' events or occasions and of course, contests! I must say Mel is doing right and I am all hats off to him! It speaks huge succes for Slogbite.

Another surprise stared at me in the face when I came home for lunch. I was about to go back to work when I hop over at Uncle Che's blog, Novice Master. He expressed how guilty he has been for not being able to stand by me in this very demanding period. That's rubbish, Uncle Che! God knows I have never felt you have abandoned me at all! Genuine friends always sticks together no matter what happens!
And you are right, Uncle Che! I couldn't have done it in my lonesome. This event wouldn't have been possible without my faithful friends who stood by me... just like YOU!

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
T W I N K S!
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