Friday, March 13, 2009

The Rain, the Tricycle and the Lainy's Hottest Blogoversary Competition: A Bloggers Celebration!

What a contrast! It's summer now here in the Philippines but It was raining heavily yesterday. It went on for almost the entire day! It felt so good to just lay down in bed and sleep but I had no choice so I tidied myself up and prepared myself for work. I got wet going to my work place. You see, I commute going to and from my workplace day in and day out. If you're curious what do I take for a ride, take a look: 

We call that mode of transportation "tricyle", a three-wheeled vehicle where it can accommodate 6 passengers- two at the frontseat, three including the driver and 4 at the back.  In this modern technology, we still are a little backward down here. It doesn't bother me at all except for one thing: a passenger who smoke their lungs out inside the very small and tight tricycle! You see how dead our government laws are?! There is an exisiting City Ordinance #12 series of 1992 which prohibits all passengers from smoking inside the public utility vehicles. But the law is not treated with iron hands! The constituents are not even aware there is a law like this that is in existence for more than a decade now! How pathetic! Sigh!
Well, going back to the heavy rain we've experienced here yesterdayIt basically prevented some people from doing their transactions at work. Not too many came to register themselves up. It was pretty boring! But to some, the rain is such a blessing especially for the farmers who have been praying for it. For them, it is a sign of more blessings to come!  
In the afternoon, I was too busy and engrossed preparing some stuffs online for the official kick off of the Lainy's Hottest Blogoversary Competition: A Bloggers Celebration that I lost track of time. I haven't even noticed it's almost 4PM! Oh boy! This competition has been sapping me all of my strength. I feel like getting sick after March 15, LOL! Well, much care, thought and effort have been invested in this endeavor so I hope you guys will try to check it out!

Lainy’s Musings

So much of the rantings for this weekend! Saturday is no free day for me. I still need to report for work. Gotta go, peepz!
Till later!  
I would like to congratulate my very good friend Twerlyn of Twerlermz Blog for passing the interview at the U.S. Embassy. I am truly glad you made it! Uncle Sam, here comes the HAPIFAM

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
T W I N K S!
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