Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beach Reggae Party With Kuerdas at the Bikini Open 2009

Last weekend, my mother and I went out to watch Kuerdas' performance at the Bikini Open 2009. We had some of our skeds changed just to be able to watch the show. Instead of attending church early morning of Sunday, we decided to attend the Worship Service on Saturday night. We weren't able to arrive in time for the parade of sexy participants to the Bikini Open. We were able to witness the awarding of prizes to the winners though. Unfortunately, I have no pics to show off for the 10 pairs of beautiful young men and women. The family's digital cam was given to RYG (Red, Yellow, Green) Clan, a group of people who are supporters of Kuerdas and are always around whenever and wherever they perform. 

Here's a pic of the Bikini Open candidates from last year. The photo is courtesy of our very own Bariles of 

After the Bikini Open presentation, the beach reggae party began. That was already around 11pm but the people were up to their feet and were feeling too itchy to dance. The audience came primarily from GenSan and its neighboring cities and municipalities.  RYG Clan,  who were tasked to take pics were able to capture me and my madear in the huge crowd. Of course, we were right infront of the stage! Hahaha!  We got home at 4am. 

Do take a l00k at some more pics:

One girl had lots of guts and came up on stage to dance along with the Kuerdas vocals. People were then shouting and screaming from the top of their lungs. The event was met with a favorable response from the Generals. Many of them are looking forward for the Bikini Open 2010. 

More pics at KUERDAS. 

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