Monday, April 20, 2009

Recalling the Good Old Days!

I was in college when I contemplated taking on rehabilitation centers as my topic for my research paper. We needed it for our undergraduate thesis. There was one drug rehab here in GenSan, Dangpanan Foundation, which I personally took the pains of checking on. I hurdled travelling to the rural village by riding a "habal-habal"  just to get to the place. At the time, most inmates in the rehab whom I got the chance to talk to were the men-in- uniform . They were relieved from duty because they were found to be positive from taking drugs. Later, I decided not to continue with the study because of the rehabilation's inaccessibility. 

Taking on non-government organizations as my topic for my thesis I have later found to be more appealing. I finished the process of gathering data until the thesis defense. It was through making a study of NGOs that I got to know some influential people who later recommended me for my first job right after graduation. I have worked for two non-government organizations in the past before I worked for one of the government's constitutional commissions, COMELEC

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