Saturday, April 18, 2009

Out to Have Fun at the Bikini Open 2009

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After the tension the past week has brought me, RE: Contestant disqualification and the efforts of trying to retrieve my other blog, Lainy's Musings, I think yours truly deserves a break. The decision to move Lainy's Musings to Wordpress is a tough one. But I know it's not something that I will have to regret.  The job isn't completely done yet.  I am just too lucky that a very good-natured and good-hearted friend of mine, made all things possible in my behalf. I owe him so much! 

Thank you, Dickie! ;-)

Going back to tonight's reason for being out, my mother, who is a known stage mother, can not simply let this event pass without her seeing her own sons performing on stage. Since Kuerdas will be gracing the Bikini Open 2009 which is slated tonight at the Dolores Tropicana Hotel and Beach Resort, mother and daughter tandem are going to watch Kuerdas' performance by the beach. 

Some photos to share with you soon! 

Gotta go, guys! 


Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
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