Thursday, April 16, 2009

Those Were the Days!

I made a bold and gutsy move when I took a short-term course in Medical Transcription three years ago. You see, I hated everything that has got to do with Science and numbers. All of them looked and sounded too alien to me! I never thought I will make it in the class. But to my surprise, I found the subjects that were taught to us very appealing. I began to like the course. 

I attended my classes after work, 6-10PM, Mondays to Fridays. You can just imagine how physically and mentally draining it was! In my Pathophysiology classes,  Mesothelioma treatment was discussed. It was the first time I've had an encounter with the disease. The physician-lecturer that we've got at the time was very young and she looked very refreshing. Aside from her being so knowledgable on the subject, I always would love to look at her lovely face. Now, don't mistake me for a tomboy, hahaha! I was just amazed on how such a very young and lovely creature could become such an expert on the field of her choice. 

I believe nothing is impossible if one's heart is at it.  I wasn't able to practice what I've learned in the short duration of my study as a Medical Transcriptionist. I've paid $543 more or less for the tuition but everything were all for naught because I wasn't able to make good use of it. I was able to hone my speed in typing and my listening skills though. Listening to different doctors with different accents made life too difficult for me but I was able to learn when I had my on-the-job training. 

Well, those were the days. I coudn't help but remember the good old days. 

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