Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Windy!

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A very Special Friend is celebrating his "burpday" today. This person is sooo full of love and compassion. I so admire his character and the way he has touched my life in more ways than one. Today, on his special day, my heart reaches out to him and I pray that may the Almighty Father bless him with happiness today, tomorrow and hereafter....

The celebrant has always filled my day with so much humor and has entirely been such a blessing to me. There are no material things I could offer him but all the good things and happiness that he so deserves!

And of course! This message below is for him!

Because your birthday is today,
And you've been around since Adam and Eve,
So many called to pay respects;
The following messages were received:

The Fire Marshall called today
He has a stand-by crew to handle
Flames that may get out of hand
From lighting all those birthday candles.

The museum curator called today
And spoke in animated tones
He has a team of scientists
Who want to carbon date your bones.

Atlantic Richfield called today -
Greetings from their engineers.
They're anxious for some fossil fuel
And are in need of volunteers.

A Mr. Methuselah called today
To wish you tidings and good health
It's isn't often that he finds
A person older than himself.

The "National Inquirer" called today
They want to send a camera crew
They heard you were the missing link
And want an exclusive interview.

Have you any words of wisdom
You could share with us younger folk
That we might live as long as you?
Tell us, please, before you croak!

- Sharon Griffith

A million "Thank You's" for everything!

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
B E T H!
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