Friday, April 10, 2009

Spending the Summer at Home

The two kids of our family friend are frequently coming over the house. Since it's summer time and they have no classes, they usually would spend their entire day sitting in front of the computer playing xbox 360. We don't usually have kids hanging around the house so we really have a great time seeing the two boys. 

My blogger friend Dickie even had the chance of speaking to the two of them via voice chat at Yahoo Messenger. The youngest is eight years old and he was too shy to talk to Dickie because he said his English is very limited. The elder sibling was urging him to just talk to no avail. Leeroi is a little boy who is quite pampered especially in the provision of foods that he wants to eat.

Alec, on the other hand, is way too confident in speaking with Dickie. He has no inhibitions speaking with him and he speaks quite good English. The two kids are often on a fight on who's turn is it in front of the PC. The two computers available here at home isn't enough especially when I come home for lunch and in the afternoon right after work. Leeroi wpuld often ask me what time I am going too sleep so that he could sit in front of my PC. Poor little boy! 

The next day they stayed at home, they brought along with them their laptop. ;-) 

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