Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lovely Awards From David Funk Part 1

I owe this friendly blogger so much! He has me as one of the recipients for every award he gets and yet I haven't posted any of it until now. Oh well, I have made a promise to have them posted all at once. No dilly-dallying this time! 

Thank you for these awesome awards, David!  I will have them presented in two parts though. 

First on the list is the Sportsmanship Award. This award was created by David himself to recognize excellence in blogging. He has annually named a Blog of Courage Award Winner every year snce 2006.  Well, it came as no surprise to me at all. The man himself is a sports enthusiast and a huge wrestling fanatic! That explains it all, LOL! 

WBE Sportsmanship Award is given to ANY blogger for showing the following qualities:

  • Kindness to all bloggers
  • Courtesy to others
  • Respects the opinions of bloggers
  • Displays a sportsman-like attitude
  • Addresses and debates any topic with professionalism
  • Motivates or supports other bloggers
  • Strong leader and community builder 

  • The Rules for the WBE Sportsmanship Award:

    1. Talk about your favorite sports team or teams. List what team you like, where they are from, what league they play in, and why and how you like them.
    2. If you don't have a favorite team, then talk about your favorite player or players in other sports. Any sport can be talked about, and not just team sports.
    3. You can talk about favorite teams and players that are no longer playing if you choose.
    4. Download a picture or logo of your favorite team or teams so that other countries around the world can see them. Or provide a picture of your favorite player or athlete.
    5. You can add more information about any teams you talk about to help other cultures understand more about them.
    6. Nominate at least five bloggers for this award, and let them know you tagged them.
    7. Link back to this post and the person you received this award from.
    8. Come back and leave a comment on this post so that your name can be added to the list of those who received this award. This is also done so that others can refer back to this entry, and read other entries throughout the world that they may have missed.
    FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball
    FAVORITE TEAM: Barangay Ginebra
    WHERE THEY ARE FROM: Philippines
    HAT LEAGUE THEY PLAY IN: Philippine Basketball Association
    WHY AND HOW I LIKE THEM: I love them because of the famous never-say-die spirit! If you have been frequenting my blogs, I have talked about them in more than one occasion. 

    Second award is the Brigaderio Award

    Brigaderio is a popular Brazilian chocolate candy and David is such a sweet guy for thinking of me. 

    Next is a Friendship Award which  represents friendship and love. It was awarded to David by my co-worker, Star. I am sure not too many of you are aware that Star and I see each other everyday at work. When you hear the two of us talking, you definitely will hear a lot of blogging stuffs as topic, LOL! 

    And last but definitely not the least, David actually hearts my blog! Isn't that great? 

    Now I'd like to share these lovely awards not only to a few select bloggers but to all myblogger friends who are linked in my blog roll. Feel free to grab any of these awards.

    Happy weekend everyone!

    To be continued...

    Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
    M A R Z I E!
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