Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ally!

Ally's Birthday

Someone special to me is celebrating her very special day. Today marks the birth of a star! Oh yeah, a  star! My cousin Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder and I'm Walking on Sunshine is celebrating her 26th birthday. In the last couple of days, I already have been thinking on what could be the best gift or token for her. A few days back, she gave a run down of some birthday wishes at her blog. No material things was ever mentioned. I was thinking of some items to send her but never really liked the idea since it basically wouldn't last. Of course, I was already reserving her a spot here in my blog for this occasion. This certainly would last until she got her own kids, hahaha! I wanted to make some kind of banner for her but I haven't been endowed with that kind of skill. I am very much aware how she loved the layout overhaul that I got over at my other blog, Lainy's Musings, courtesy of Windmill of Windmill on the Hill. That gave me the idea.

I shamelessly asked Windy to make one for Ally which the former quickly finished in less than 5 minutes! Isn't he great? 

Being not physically around to share with the joy and celebration of this occasion is one of the disadvantages of living many miles apart from the people you care and love. One would surely miss a lot of milestones. Thank God blogging was invented! Blogging was able to bridge the gap between distance and separation! And thank God I was able to influence Ally to blog! I knew then that she is a star in the making, hehehe!  

It has only been a few months since she published her first ever post for her blog. I knew how passionate she has become and she how she has learned to love what she has been doing online even taking the effort coming on and of paying extra bucks at the cafes where internet access is possible. Through her blogs, I was able to walk through her mind and comprehend  her more as a person. 

Now that it's a red-letter day for her, I only wish nothing but the best for my cousin. Looking at her birthday wishes yet again, I am wishing her all that and a whole lot more! 


Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos

G A G A Y!

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