Monday, April 27, 2009

Thank You, My Guapo Prince!

It has been two years now since My Prince bought us a new television set. It was because of my passion for basketball that he decided to send me some money for me to be able to watch my favorite team play in the Championships. We share the same passion for sports that is why he understood my dismay when our old television broke down. 

After he offered to send me some money for the purchase of the new television set, I went out and canvassed  for the television that I want. I suggested we could buy from the auction sale so that it could be a lot cheaper. I also informed my Prince that there is an available plasma tv mount that is up for auction. But he didn't like the idea of purchasing second hand. He wanted something that's new where there is warranty. He sent me more than enough for the price of the TV. I was able to purchase a 29' inch LCD type JVC television set. Thanks to my Prince! 

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