Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shoes: Color and Style

I love shoes! I have always loved shoes! You've got to see the long pile of shoes that we've got here at home. I am even planning of putting up our own built- in shoe rack. I will have to make sure that I have that accomplished come June. I do not own famous bestsellers but owning one from Dansko will be very appreciated.  

Well, not too many branded shoes I own but I love to collect different styles and different colors. The problem is that I only get the chance to wear most of them only once or twice. Before I know it, most were damaged from over storage. Some took years before I recalled I have them there, hahaha! But the favorite ones were used almost everyday. 

I've got to update you in the next couple of weeks for the shoe rack that I am planning to have in place here at home. That's for the protection of our shoes and to make them all organized. 

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