Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family's Dream

It is the family's dream to have our own car. As to when that would materialize, I still do not know. But we are really hoping one day we could own one.

You see, it is a little hard for us especially every Sundays when my mother and I had to serve our duties at church. We had to be very early at church. We had to be out of the house as early as 4:00 am. During that time, there's no transportation available because we live a little too far from the church location. We had to walk a few meters away and wait for a public vehicle. If we get lucky, we could have one in less than five minutes.

My brothers have been urging us to get one vehicle for the family. It wouldn't really matter if it's a two or a four-wheeled vehicle so long as we could call it our own. I have heard that maintenance can be costly. Some even had to purchase chrome accessories as part of their car's maintenance.

Well one day, I hope our dream wouldn't only be a dream. I am keeping my fingers crossed ;-)

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