Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Made for TV Bloggers by David Funk

David Funk is the brains behind Basic Blogonamics. He is one articulate and creative writer. He can talk from a wide variety of topics. And of course! He is famous for producing his own movie which stars all his blogpals, isn't that great and wonderful?

You've got to check out Made for TV Bloggers where yours truly was one of the many characters.

Lead actress: Lainy


This romantic film stars Lainy as she talks eloquently and openly about the journey in her life. This road is a bumpy one with controversy surrounding at every turn, but Lainy is undeterred in her path to blogging stardom. This epic tale shows the colorful, creative superstar blogger that everyone can fall in love with. Balance is key throughout the movie, and is on display to show the world her road to where she's been and where she's at.


Controversy arose when producers noticed a hacker on the loose during the making of the film. The objective and fair-minded Lainy was able to refocus her attention to deliver a performance of the ages.

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