Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Brother's Birthday Celebration

Blogging sure gave us all an opportunity to chronicle everything that's happening with our lives and what's working up in our heads. Putting down into writing every important or trivial events give meaning to self-expression. It not only became a hobby but a real passion to most bloggers.

For me, blogging is an avenue to express one's self, share and learn from other people's experiences. I may not be the best blogger around but the learnings I've gained in exercising this passion is something that can not be taken away from me.

There's no special reason for this post. I can't help but ask myself: Is my brother Utog's birthday celebration worth publishing here at my blog? Of course it is! His birthday celebration was one of the reasons I got totally stressed up because I singlehandedly did all the preparations.


But it's all over and done with. I am back to my feet and I'd like to share some mementos with you ;-)

Do take a look at these photos:

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