Friday, August 7, 2009

Looking Out for a New Dentist

I complained three months ago about my aching tooth which needs to be looked at by another dentist. I do not anymore trust my current dentist because of her failed attempts at determining what the problem really was. In the first place, I expected this tooth to be OK when she performed filling last year. But to my dismay, I felt it aching May of this year so I had to return to her and asked what happened. She told me that it must be a case of tooth abscess. I had no other option, she said, but to have the tooth extracted or undergo root canal.

After all the efforts I did to save it! She didn't even recommended tooth x-ray to make sure that her findings is correct. She had a history of giving me false findings so she can't blame me if I can't trust her anymore!

Well, that's the end for her. I need to find another dentist. I hope my new dentist can give me dental care discounts. Who wouldn't love discounts?

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