Monday, September 28, 2009

Tears for Fears

When humans are displaced by pets, you will know the world is changing rapidly.

It all happened yesterday - very early in the morning when my beautiful mother panicked. She looked very desperate while going in and out of the house looking for our Shih Tzu puppy, Ewoks. He is 6 months old and he has been the family's baby since he arrived.

When groovy Mama failed to find Ewoks inside the house premises, she went berserk and ran all over the neighborhood. You can't imagine how funny she looked, LOL! She went back home, slumped her body on the couch and wept. When I saw her crying, I don't know whether to sympathize with her or just laugh my heart out! But don't misunderstand me. I was as worried as hell too but I wasn't expecting my mother crying if we lose Ewoks.

She was already crying her heart out and between sobs, she kept repeating how much she'll get affected because of the loss. Then out of the blue, along came Ewoks, wagging his tail and kissing her feet! My mother's face immediately went aglow and she hugged him so tightly! I've heard her whisper to Ewoks: "What would my life be like without you?!"

Talk about human displacement? There you go. My two brothers and I are being upstaged by this Shih Tzu. A dog's life ain't a dog's life no more.

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