Friday, October 2, 2009

Love it at Lainy's House

Whenever I take my vacations in GenSan, I usually stay at Lainy's house. Their home is actually my first stop since it's nearest from the airport. They have a simple house, not like one of those spacious metal buildings. The house is 1-storey and it really gets snug especially when Kuerdas members stay there to practice their songs. They bring along some friends and it makes it even more crowded to the point that it gets congested even if the air-condition unit is at high level.

Despite all that, I still love staying in that house. Why? Because I always have fun with my cousins and my Aunt Rose. I feel like I am part of that household. Sometimes my Mom have issues of my stay there. But she can't do anything since she knew that I like being at Lainy's house. For sure I'm gonna be there more often on my next vacation.

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