Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Dentist A Day Drives the Tooth Decay Away

Saturday-Saved the Best for Last # 4

Today has been a long day for me. I had an appointment with my new dentist. Lucky me! I've found a better one. It took me a month of waiting before I was finally able to make an appointment with her. I had my regular teeth clean-up and she recommended to have my fillings changed.

Geez! that visit lasted a four long hours! I want to save a tooth which required a lot of work. I opted for root canal. I have been procrastinating about my teeth care. I should have made this my priority but as it is with most things needed, I just couldn't find the time to visit the Dentist. The cost for the root canal itself left me stupefied. Oh boy! I did not realize that saving a tooth could be that costly!

The dentist gave me a good discount price though. Instead of charging me up for 4 canals, she only charged me with 3. I think it's a good deal considering that it's my first time being treated by her!

The Dentist was about to inject some anesthesia when I stopped her immediately and told her that I feel OK. The pain was actually tolerable. I was proud of myself for I was able to bear the pain and the discomfort. The dentist was even prouder and exclaimed:

"Are you sure you are OK? WOW! You're such a strong girl!"
Well, the spike in my blood pressure after the session would tell you that I wasn't OK. LOL! I was tensed. Blood pressure was at 140/ 120. Oh well! I can imagine the look of surprise on the attendant's face. I pacified her by letting her know that I am really fine...

Anyways, I will be back there for a couple more sessions. I am set for another appointment come Thursday.


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