Friday, October 23, 2009

Remembering Coffee Breaks...

When I was back in the province and stayed at Lainy's house for quite sometime, I realized that the rest of the family aside from Lainy is addicted to coffee. I myself can't make a day pass by without drinking a cup of coffee.

When I was there, I used to make coffee for JaySon, Mark and Aunt Rose. Lainy will just take a sip and then take off or get back to what she's working on the computer. Unlike the four of us, we sit back and feel the relaxing taste the coffee brings us. We don't have a coffeemaker or a Nespresso to help us make a much better coffee when I was there. I bet Mark, who's the youngest have thought about buying one.

During coffee breaks, that's the time that I get to chat with Mark and Jay Son and laugh my heart out on their candid jokes. Just miss those times, ya know.

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