Monday, November 30, 2009

Beautiful Birthday Presents from You To Me!

My birthday celebration a month ago was a memorable one. I have already blogged my heartfelt thanks to all HERE. But it wouldn't be complete without presenting to you the gifts I received on that day from special people.

Here they are:

My co-workers took the effort, despite our tight schedule in the office, to prepare something for me. They bought one of the things I like at Bench ;-). The bra and underpants are too sexy to display, LOL!

This beautiful cake was a special gift which made my birthday triple extra special. It was the first time I had a cake and candles to blow on my 25th birthday, hehehe!

Another cute cake from a churchmate:

My cousin Mystique of Mystique's Moments gave me her gift when she went home for her Mama's birthday:
My cousin Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder gave me an expensive gift. She once asked me what I like for my birthday not knowing that she planned of buying it for me. That was so sneaky and clever of you, Cousin Dearie!

The most special gifts came all the way from Sydney, Australia. My Prince did well in sending them ahead of time and as usual, never mentioned a thing to me. I was truly surprised to have received his gifts on the day of my birth:

This beautiful camera was sent along with Revlon Cosmetic bags and make-up brushes of different sizes. A manual for the Cubase Software was also sent for my brother to use. The software was already sent last year. The birthday cards from my Prince and Mummy Carol shall be featured on my next post.

It was indeed a happy birthday celebration not only because of the material blessings I received but most importantly, God blessed me with these beautiful people. I thank you all! My heart is overflowing with gratefulness to the Heavenly Father for the gift of life, faith, friendship and love.

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