Thursday, November 19, 2009

Big Leap In Education

Recently I was riveted to my television set when there was a Documentary about the status of women in the war-torn country of Afghanistan.

If comparison is to be any measure of how fortunate Filipinas are, then the present conditions in my country cannot be reviled when cast against the deplorable and insurmountable odds that the Afghanistan women endure.

Denied of basic rights to education is one example that prevents their female population from being literate. It would take more than laws and statutes to change traditions and beliefs for the Afghan women to be unshackled from their ignominy.

Here in the Philippines, we have been blessed by our Founding Fathers that they laid a solid foundation for the importance of Education.

From the early days after gaining Independence, those were the days when the dreams of a better tomorrow meant physically trudging through undeveloped terrain to attend school classes.

With the advent of the Age of Computer Technology, long distance learning has changed that landscape. We now have what is popularly called an online degree. The existence of online universities is another leap in Education that allows a first time student or a job worker to study for a tertiary degree with the aid of Computer Technology.

There’s never an end to being educated smarter. If only this was made possible for the Afghan women.

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