Sunday, November 15, 2009

When Will Our Government Change?

There was a time that I went to Lainy's office when I was in GenSan. AS you all know, Lainy works as a government employee in Commission on Elections. It's a government sect who take charge of the elections especially this coming May 2010.

Some people seemed to be busy when I was there, some are just chitchatting. Just like any other government offices that I have seen in provinces that I visited here in the Philippines, everything there seemed to be obsolete. Stack of papers anywhere, the building itself is old and they don't even have modern industrial computer. I don't know why the government can't seem to provide for better industrialized equipments to make their employees work better. I actually know the reason why. The money for the equipments goes to corrupt people who gets a seat in the government. They are like vultures and just take advantage of the people's taxes. Sigh. When will our government change?

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