Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fabulous Holiday With Friends, Family and Relatives

The last few days of 2009 were mostly spent with family, friends and relatives. Apart from being busy at work, I saw to it that the trip to Paradise Island was planned very well. I had to meet up with our family friend twice to be able to discuss some stuffs with her on how to maximize our stay at the Island and some other parts of Davao.

With Ate Nimfa, Crison, my brothers and their respective girlfriends

Before the planned escapade, my relatives from my mother side of the family, came over to visit us and some places in GenSan. It was a sudden change in their schedule as they already had informed us that they can't make it because they were all busy preparing for my cousin's wedding. But since they can't let this time of the year pass without having to spend some time with family and relatives, they had to take the long route.

Soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Razo

With my Pretty Mama, Tita, cousins and Sarah

The highlight of the said reunion was when my mother and her elder sisters had to speak in front of everybody and gave updates as to what happened to their respective families for 2009. Each one got very emotional and can't help the tears streaming down their cheeks while sharing their achievements, triumphs, and defeats to each family members.

Despite the highs and lows of 2009, our family was able to hurdle life's challenges and adversities. Indeed, the great Father Almighty was with us and He will always be all through the rest of our lives.

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