Saturday, April 3, 2010

Did It One More Time!

I am no stage performer. Performing on stage isn't my cup of tea. Though when I was still a kid, my mother would drag me along to every singing contest she was aware of -  radio stations, plaza, etc, hahahahaha! 

You see, she's a frustrated singer :-) I would often laugh every time I reminisce those moments. And I would laugh harder thinking of the prizes I've got- Pop Rice, candies and the like, LOL!

My parents, especially my mother, was very patient in training me and my two younger siblings when it deals with facing people and therefore performing on stage. She taught me a lot of declamation pieces and poems so when a performer is needed in school, I can be easily tapped. I did so on many occasions. That was when I was still at grade school. They were also very supportive of my brothers and encouraged them a lot when it dealt with singing. It's no wonder Kuerdas Band was established. 

When I was growing up, my confidence was on its low. I got a little insecure and it gradually developed stage fright. Though I can express myself really well in writing and speaking, I haven't performed in front of a crowd.

But when I started to make a living at the age of 20, I was forced to develop my self-esteem because my first job demanded it. We had to conduct various Trainings and it required me to face an audience and to  speak to people from all walks of life. 

At this present time, it also repeats with my job. I would often be interviewed on TV or over the radio with regards to election matters. The Boss would sometimes delegate me to represent him on press conferences and  to do some "emceeing" tasks. 

Over time, I just developed that ample amount of confidence to be on stage.

But singing is something different, LOL! So it is a little way out of my comfort zone when I go up on stage and render not one but three (3) songs, hahahahaha! This happened when my mother's friend had his birthday treat after our badminton session the other night. Each member of the family wasn't spared though. Each of us was able to perform. 

Do take a look at some proofs: 

While preparing to leave for the badminton session...

It's game time! 

Pose for the camera! 


Jay Son, Kuerdas Band Major trying hard to be a balladeer, LOL!  

 It's my turn. hehehe!

That's Pretty Mama!

My youngest brother, Kuerdas Lead Vocals

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