Wednesday, April 7, 2010

To my Dearest Cousin Ally: Happy Birthday!

It was recently that I mentioned to a friend, "How time flies!" and here I am like it is with a blink of my eye and it is time to celebrate and wish my dearest cousin Ally, my heartfelt wishes for blue skies and all things nice on her 27th. Birthday.

Ally and I are first cousins. Both our mothers are sisters. She is one cousin whom I am proud of because she has never neglected her mother and siblings. A true daughter and pride of the Filipino nationality.

She's someone who speaks out her mind bluntly and in her own ways have proven how a good daughter she is no matter how much she and her Mom differed in a lot of things.

She is a person who is very talented. Not only can she bring you to wonderland when you hear her melodious voice. She plays the guitar really well and other musical instruments, too.

Here's to you My Cousin Dearie:

May your days be filled with Happiness, Good Health and Peace!


In case you do not know, Ally is a die-hard blogger too. Hahaha! She manages two Blogs, namely:

  1. In The Eyes Of The Beholder
  2. I'm Walking On Sunshine


Thank you, Windy for doing the beautiful birthday card for the celebrant :-) 

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos

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