Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Parents' 29th Wedding Anniversary


My parents were married on the 4th of June twenty nine years ago, four months before I was born (I know what you must be thinking, hehehe!). Today is supposed to be their 29th wedding anniversary. But it doesn't call for any celebration. They ceased to celebrate anniversaries five years ago.
I grew up a witness on how my father loved to surprise my mother on special occasions. He would send her a card by mail with very meaningful messages. He also would send her flowers. These were only the few things my father love to do to surprise my mother. We, in my family, were all living witnesses how my father loves my mother so much.
But my father did not live long enough to celebrate their anniversary. Before he died five years ago, he was planning of renewing their vows when they reach their silver years. But he died 5 days after their 24th wedding anniversary. All his plans did not materialize.

My mother is still unmarried after 5 long years of being widowed. My entire family still misses my father so much! If only he's here today...
I still get very emotional whenever I speak of my own father. I am not a papa's girl but I missed his 24/7 care and sweetness. If only he's here to make their 29th anniversary a lot different...

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