Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Mother's Upcoming Birthday

Now that my pretty mother's birthday is fast approaching, two days to go to be specific, I was thinking all day what preparations I will have to make. Of course, doing the marketing is always my job as well as the food preparations. My cousin informed us that they would like to have my mother's celebration at one of the beaches here in GenSan.  Incidentally, Kuerdas will be performing at a Street Party the night of my mom's birthday. That's got to be a real and big party! 

Well, my mother is turning 49. But she doesn't look her age. She's one groovy Mama that I am so proud of. I can still vividly recall when I was just a little kiddo where life was too harsh. Life was most difficult when my parents decided to marry at a very tender age. They even didn't have  engagement rings to boost. We have lived in scarcity and with almost nothing but our real and huge faith on the Lord's Providence kept us going. We persevered especially when the goings got so tough. 

My mother's 49th birthday will just be a simple one with some relatives. But on her 50th birthday, it will be something different. You've got to watch out for that! 

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