Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Very Happy Birthday for A Very Special Woman!

Sporting Madear's eBay purchase ;-)  

Twenty nine years ago, a woman gave birth to me. That very young woman, at a very tender age of 19, gave all the love and affection to a very helpless child. The child who later took all the love she gave for granted.  The patience and understanding that she showed me and my siblings I thought were expected of all mothers. 

I remember all the times she had to constantly remind me of the things I needed to do. The household chores which seemed never ending! Her ceaseless reminders on how I should do things; things which most times get under my skin!  I thought mothers do it as their duty to constantly reinforce the chores they wanted to have repeatedly done. I didn't realize that she kept reminding me so that I could be the best person possible!

A big grin for the camera! 

One of the most beautiful gifts that she gave me was not of material value. Apart from the gift of life, she taught me how to love the Lord and to glorify His name for each and every blessing He bestows on me. 

Taking a pose before attending the Midweek Worship Service

Now that Mother Dearest, you are another year older but still single (haha!), I appreciate with much greater understanding for all the guidance and love that I so often took for granted. I will always be grateful for the love, care and attention which you molded me into being the person that I am today. With pride, I can say that I owe everything to YOU! 

I know that it wasn't an easy journey. Life has been difficult and unpredictable. I thank you for being so resilient... for being the wife and mother that you are! 

I am ever so grateful for all the sacrifices you've had to endure for our family and the love you showered for all and for all the things that you continue to do, Mother Dearest I want you to know that I am most fortunate to have a mother like you! 

I am so proud to be your daughter! 

Happy Birthday, Mang

Love Yah! 


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