Thursday, September 17, 2009

Daughter and Mother Sleeping Together

I take luxury in the comfort of our own home especially if I am lying down in the old matrimonial bed of my parents. Yes, the mattresses still are good after so many years of ownership. You will ask me: why in your parents' matrimonial bed?

Oh well ! I can say that I am a rather displaced child, LOL! When my father was still alive, I love to sleep in between the two of them. Mind you, I already was in college at the time! My father even begged me to go back to my own room but being the stubborn girl that I was, I just shrugged my shoulders off. But then, one day, I realized what am I doing in their room? I have my own room alright but I do love the mattress of their bed that I became a nuisance, hahaha! So I had the heart of a good child and went back to my room.

My father's death prompted me again to go back sleeping in their room when my mother got bad nightmares. She can't be on her own so the time had come when I went back sleeping on their bed.

Until this time, my mother and I sleep together.

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