Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Really Matters

When I was still in school, I found hurdling with school projects like term papers, thesis and the like was all too time-consuming and taxing.

I remember the time when I had to come up with a topic for my own thesis. I had to gather data and collate everything. I contemplated on doing a study of a local drug rehab here in the city. But there were some extenuating circumstances where I had to find another topic. There weren't enough material for me to gather and I had to travel every now and then to a far-flung village just to get to the place. It wasn't smart to sacrifice my own safety just to accomplish a thing in school.

If only my own security in going to the place was assured by the Philippine National Police, I could have pursued with my plan. But everything turned out well even if I chose another topic. I was able to graduate and found a secured job after graduation. It's all that really matters ;-)

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